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Flipped my quad now getting code 13...any ideas how to fix? Thank you!

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I hope you are ok. The rest can be fixed.


12 Crankshaft position sensor
13 Intake air pressure sensor (open or short circuit)
14 Intake air pressure sensor (hose line)
15 Throttle position sensor (open or closed circuit)
16 Throttle position sensor
21 Coolant temperture sensor
22 Intake ait temperture sensor (open or closed circuit)
30 Lean angle sensor (latch up detected)
33 Ignition coil (faulty ignition)
41 Lean angle sensor (open or closed circuit)
42 Speed sensor/ Neutral switch
43 Fuel system voltage (monitoring voltage)
44 Error in writing the amount of CO adjustment on EEPROM
46 Vehicle system power supply (monitioring voltage)
50 ECU internal malfunction (memory check error)

Check for damaged cables/connectors. As description says there is probably a short circuit on no contact on that line. Depends on how it landed and how damaged it is.
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