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Figures my first post is because I have an issue. Sorry!
We have a 2019 Raptor 50 that won’t even try to start.
Im guessing it’s some type of electrical issue.

With key on, red button switch on and left brake pulled in it won’t do anything when you hit the start button. Not even a click. Zero Nada.
I tried kick starting it and nothing. It does turn over though.
i removed the battery and put it in our 90 and it started it no problem.
I checked the safety pull cord thing in the back and it seemed ok.
I found some fuses up by the steering stem and they were ok.
I’m stumped. Any ides?

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Do you have a VOM? You'll need a meter to test continuity of;
1, key switch
2, battery cable connections clean and shiny, don't forget the ground
3, battery voltage at least 13.5 volts
4, test fuses 'again' with meter
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