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LOCATED IN NC (Pleasant Garden)
$7,500 OBO
Seeing if there would be any interest in my 2019 Yamaha Raptor 700. I dont ride it enough and I feel that it needs to go to someone who will have the time to enjoy it more than i can. I have only ridden it a handful of times (less than 10 rides on it), estimated less than 20 hours on engine. Never ridden for long periods of time or ridden hard. It is in very very good condition. A little dusty, could use a good washing but other than that the machine is in great condition. Only blemish on it is a little mark on the seat. (Shown in photos). Kept in shed, never stored outside.
Willing to give new owner all stock parts that were taken off machine to complete upgrades. (Original throttle, handlebars, footwells, and bumper.)
A few upgrades have been done, nothing done to the engine. Engine is stock.
  • Urmosi thumb throttle installed (Original Edition- Retails at 219.99) This throttle is awesome! It is adjustable, can be moved further back or forward, or can be dropped down for someone with a bigger hand or the throttle can be adjusted upwards for someone with smaller hands. Definitely helps with thumb fatigue!
  • Alba Nerf Bars installed.
  • upgraded handlebars (Renthal Brand)- Handlebars were one of the first upgrades I did.
  • Front bumper was replaced with a Metal one for more protection.

I still owe on the machine so a bill of sale would need to be drawn up and I would have to mail the title or MCO to new owner once I received it after paying loan off. honest seller that wants the machine to go to someone who would have the time to ride it more than i can.



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Tajavu, that really sucks that you are selling so soon after we watched and helped you grow into it! Heck I only put a handful of rides on mine throughout the year but make the ones I am on count. I get it, it’s a payment and if times are tough things need to be looked at. If you are selling, I would remove that thumb throttle and sell separately and keep the same price on the bike. That will be extra coin in your pocket. Did you keep the original one?
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