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I got a 350 Bruin 4x4 on a trade this week.
Needs a few small things, but runs great.
Right front caliper was leaking.
Wanting to ride, and not wanting to wait for a rebuild kit, I unbolted the caliper to see if there was anything I could do.
I then realized that it was the same caliper as the 660 Raptor, and several other Yamahas.
I have a set of 450/700 dual piston calipers on my 660 project.
Yep, they bolt right up. I had to bend the top of rotor guard a little, and remove the brake line from the clamp on the end of the upper A-arm. I zip tied the line above the clamp to keep it out of the wheel.
Front brakes work great
Point is, alot of parts are interchangable through many models. So if you find yourself in a jam, and have parts laying around, check them out.
Never know, might get lucky and be able to fix what you need.
I plan on rebuilding the stock calipers, and putting the dual piston calipers back on my 660(which is still a long way from being done). But, for now, I'm going riding this afternoon, with a free fix.
Hopefully this helps someone else do the same sometime.
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