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[size=10pt]Rocket Factory is in... Let's go Racing :thumbsup:[/size]4 Stroke Challenge Race Series Announcement

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new racing venue that
incorporates Four Stroke Wars (FSW) and its legacy. 4 Stroke Challenge
Series (4SCS) was birthed from a group of avid hill racing enthusiasts
with the goal of expanding 4 stroke racing events. Countless hours have
gone into developing this racing series with recognized industry
leaders, recognized racing leaders/champions, and supporting industry

The 4 Stroke Challenge Committee worked together with Mark Tozer, the
founder of the FSW Series of races to put together a package of races
that leverages the history and unique nature of Four Stroke Hill Shooting
in a larger and more structured competitive format.

Mark said, "When I first pioneered FSW five years ago we believed this
would be a growing sport, especially given the EPA band that was coming
on for the 2-Strokes. Little did we know that six races and (5 at
Glamis and 1 at Pismo Beach) 2500 people in attendance later that we would
have a world class dominating event! I am very excited about the
impending sale and complete transfer of the FSW Series of races to a group
such as this, that loves the sport and is willing to put in the
necessary resources to take this to the next level."

Effective immediately, Four Stroke Wars races are transferring into the
4 Stroke Challenge Series. 4 Stroke Challenge Series represents the
next level of racing from the hard efforts of developing Four Stroke Wars.
The Challenge Series incorporates Four Stroke Wars along with adding
additional races for the 2007 season. Specific Event winners along with
Series winners will be formally recognized.

The Challenge Series will include five races during the 2007 season.
Race #1 of the series will be Four Stroke Wars VI during Martin Luther
King weekend. Race #2 – Dumont Challenge will be held on the weekend of
February 24, 2007. Race #3 – is in progress and will be announced in
the next two to three weeks – reserve the weekend of April 28th. Race #4
– Pismo Challenge will be held in June. Race #5 will be held during
late summer/early fall. Location and dates will be available soon.

Challenge series offers racers the ability to compete at a site
specific race level as well as an overall champion level. The King of the
Challenge will truly be recognized as the world’s champion demonstrating
consistency winning over multiple races.

4 Stroke Challenge Series is a part of the Planet Sand Drag Race
Association and is directly supported by Planet Sand. Please look for updates
and discussion topics on www.Planetsand.com under section 4 Stroke
Challenge Series. Rules will also be posted on Planet Sand.

Charlie Ohton – Planet Sand
4 Stroke Challenge Series Committee

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