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We are working with a few Rhino fabricators and will have a conversion kit available in the next couple of weeks. We have a thorttle body, harness, and we will use the computer listed below...

The OEM replacement computer for the Raptor 700 is here!

Some of the functions -
- Easy to use software - www.efidude.com for free downloads
- Fully programmable fuel tables
- Fully programmable spark tables
- Boost control
- Load vs. RPM mapping
- Closed loop 02 sensing
- Data Logging for every second of run-time
- Ablility to change maps without a laptop computer
- Fuel PSI
- Nitrous solenoid driver
- Up to 15 rider specific fuel and ignition maps
- Self-tuning

This state of the art computer offers the most user-friendly software for easy
tuning and ultimate adaptability. Also, the service and support supercedes that
of any other after-market manufacturer.

We are working with and looking for numerous after-market modification companies
to develop mail-order systems for end-users in their various markets.

Installation Instructions
- Tools required = Hands
- Step 1 = unplug stock computer
- Step 2 = plug in our RaceGrade computer and start the mods...

Retail Cost -

OEM Computer $399.00

W/ 02 option $549.00

Please call for questions, comments, sales, or support.

Patrick Nichols
Technical Support/Sales
714-458-4555/[email protected]

pics coming very soon...

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SteaveO2 said:
Ok so we put int he computer but what about the throttle body? Are u talking about the 700R or the 660R here?
Its says in his title its for the 660.

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Rhino - 5 valve single intake
Raptor 660 - 5 vavle dual intake
Raptor 700 - 4 valve single intake

I'd be interested to see how he plans to get all three of these to work on the same oem computer... ::)
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