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85 lt230 quad runner lost neutral light

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My wife's 1985 suzuki lt230GE quadrunner was running good. We went for a 2 hour trail ride and all was good till right as we were pulling up to the trailer she rolled it. After I got it back on it wheels and her from underneath I couldnt get it to start. I can shift it into neutral and reverse but the indicators dont light up and I get nothing at the e start button. I can start it with the pull cord. I tested the neutral safety switch and tested good as well as the reverse switch. I also tested the neutral relay and it works. Tested the indicator lights by running 12v from a spare battery to the connections for the indicators. They both light up respectively.
I feel like its gotta be a break in the harness somewhere as ive eliminated everything else I can think of unless someone else has something to try before I rip out the whole harness and unwrap it. Below is wire diagram.
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He did. Lol. Its in the "other" section

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