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88 suzuki 250 atv-fuel problems

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unit set for almost 3yrs.,fuel left in was supposed to have stablizer in it,still smelled bad cleaned that out.added new gas,about 1-1/2 gal. now gas will not flow into carb from tank,when I pull line at carb gas does not flow out unless I hold line low then it flows and will flow until just before getting it back on carb then stops.bike will start and run fair with a small gravity feed tank hooked up, any ideas what it might be,-?vac.leak?bad diaphram? also there does not seem to be fuel pump anywhere ,how about installing a small 3-5lb. elec.12v.pump?
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No fuel pump will be needed. Is there a screen inside that petcock valve? I would remove that valve and clean it thoroughly to ensure full flow gets through. On some bikes there is a screen there.
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