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A-arm geometry

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So what's the deal with the +1 forward on some a-arms? How is that advantageous? I notice a bunch of the mainstream companies aren't offering +1 forward a-arms for the Raptor.
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slightly changes center of gravity on the bike. Some bikes are made slightly heavier at the rear (center of gravity little more towards the back, stretching the fulcrum point to the front..a little), They tend to benefit with the +1 to help balance out the bike. Some people tend to prefer them for their riding styles.
I'm sure there's more to it than that, I'm also interested what anyone else has to say about them.
Yeah, I've decided against getting the American Star a-arms and instead want Housers... but they only offer +2 without any forward.
i like that it keeps my weight more forward. It makes a really big dif climbing dangerous hills. The downside is a little wider slow turns, but it would be the same prob with a longer swingarm and I can still 180 it with the front wheel in one place.
They started offering it on the banshee and it's been arbitrarily offered to every model line since, in fact it's sometimes difficult to find +X+0 arms.

On the plus side it's less nose dive on braking and corners. There are arguments to be made for weight distribution, but it depends on what you're trying to accomplish.
So do you guys think yay or nay on +1 forward a-arms with my +2 swinger?

I'm thinking the marginal difference in weight distribution may be negligable considering I can't find any economical a-arms that are +1 forward besides ASR. And I'm thinking that the +2 swinger coupled with the +1 a-arms might have a little more of an effect on turning than I would like.

Am I thinking on the right track? Remember guys that I'm new to riding, so I'm not good enough at riding to really tell what I need.
been racing for 3yrs with a set of +2,+1 forward long travels helps balance for jumps i would say nay if your doing cross country more for mx might increese steering but this is why mx'rs go with 18" wheels in back more wheel speed and more turnability(christ is that a word!)got a set of long travel for cheap if you can find a set of long travel shocks cheap! :crazy: usally swing arms for mx dont want to go any more than 1inch and something and then will loose turnig ability thats why you dont see pros using anything longer unless your dragging and dunning keeping the front end down upper top of the line your right will run$900smackaroos janssen,walsh,lonestar.etc.
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