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Advice please.

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I am planning on getting a new front end / axle setup after the summer. I am looking at Houser long travel / with elka's (Elite or the other set that has comp. and rebound adj.) OR the Ishock HD 5500 kit. I am mostly an aggressive trail rider and shoot through tight tree gaps at a pretty good clip. I like the occasional jump and want it to handle like a champ. I don't want to go too wide but would like to get it to handle a bit better. The houser has a +1/2 inch setup. Will this be enough or a waste? Also anyone with any setups who ride WOODS mainly please gime some info. Thanks for your help. Anyone with advice on what to stay away from would be helpful too.
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I am just going to chime in and tell ya that if you go wider with the arms. You can always make up an inch or so with different offset wheels. So if you go with +2 arms, you can get 4/1 offset wheels and really only be 1 inch wider on each side not two. I know alot of guys go with after market longer a arms to get the longer travel stuff. I am just telling ya for somthing to keep in mind when considering a set up.
Will 4-1 offset whaeels fit the stock hubs/brake calipers?
DrDsRaptor said:
Will 4-1 offset whaeels fit the stock hubs/brake calipers?
Yes they will. Some of the Polaris Predator wheels (I forget which years) had 4-1 offset wheels that will bolt right up to the Raptor.

+2 A-arms with 4-1 offset wheels works great in the woods and is a popular GNCC set-up.
If you end up wanting to go with the i-5500 kit or any i-shock products let me know and i will get you a VERY GOOD deal.

Thanks for the info
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