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after market cdi

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are these worth buying i just bought a pipe and filter for my 660 and the guy was trying to convice me to buying the cdi as-well but i dont want to spend an extra 100 and something for nothing since i heard four strokes are nothing like 2-strokes and adding an extra 1000 rpms seems a lil dumb since four stroke dont build power that high in the rpm range not like 2 strokes where up top is wear the power comes and as for four changing gears a lil sooner for the power curve is....what are everyones thoughts on this??? thankx


BTW im new to the site whats up everyone
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Some will argue that the timing differences make an impact. No dyno run I've ever seen on an internally stock bike has shown any increase in hp greater than the variability of the dyno.

You are correct in your view on the extra 1k rpms. A good illistration of that might be that you're probably not ever hitting your rev limiter now, so adding another 1k rpms isn't going to make any difference whatsoever. And even if you could rev that high, you're well beyond the point where your engine is making it's peak hp and probably close to if not past the point where the hp curve drops into the abyss.

I'd skip that upgrade if I were in your shoes.

And welcome to the site. What kind of pipe did you get?
I have the Big Gun cdi box. My stock one was still good. Just adding as many mods as possible. I can't really feel that much of a difference. I would make that the last mod if I was you.
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