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Alba racing wheels beadlock/reinforced/rolled lip Check out our line of wheels. We offer beadlock, reinforced, and rolled lip.

Here are some specs on our beadlocks.

-Beadlock wheel is constructed of .160/.190 aluminum
-The inside lip is rolled for extreme toughness
-Deep drop center
-Available polished or black powder coat finish with a polished aluminum ring

Buy with confidence from Alba - - As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As always you forum guys get the best deal.

Pricing: Includes shipping to cont USA. We can ship anywhere PM for quote.
Beadlock wheels $179 pair shipped. $333 set of 4 (includes forum discount)
Reinforced wheels $137 pair shipped. $259 set of 4 (includes forum discount)
Standard rolled lip $103 pair shipped. (includes forum discount)

Links to our web site with info and sizing.

Beadlock black- Alba beadlock wheels
Beadlock polished- http://teamalbaracing.com/i-18561662...-polished.html

Reinforced black- Alba reinforced wheels black
Reinforced polished- http://teamalbaracing.com/i-18563183...-polished.html

Rolled lip black- Alba rolled lip wheels black
Rolled lip polished- http://teamalbaracing.com/i-18563189...-polished.html

If you have any questions send me a PM.


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