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another LTE Map Question

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So I'm ready to buy a set of LTE's and selling my full Gytr pipe. Right now I have a GYTR performance filter with lid off and the Dyno Jet web site only shows maps for LTE's with Quad works filter lid off and Pro design filter with lid off.
Does anyone know which map would be closest to the LTE with a GYTR filter? Or does it even matter that much?
Thanks in advance.
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Shoot me a PM with your email address, I have a custom map for your mods exactly that kicks the shit out of the map on the PCIII website :thumbsup:
Hey "RaptorRandy" - i just ordered my LTE duals... they will be in next week... does your map work for me? i have the Lte duals, no lid,Gytr high flow air filter, and PCIII.... so will this map your are talking about work for me also... i would greatly appreciate it..
hello my name is chris i also am getting lte duals just wondering what is the best map? Im also new here any one from south jersey? :thumbsup:
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