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another paddle size question

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OK, so I just got through searching all the paddle archives my head could take. :banghead: I'm in the market for some new paddles.(Because for some reason my bulldog decided to rip one of my paddles off my sand stars) I plan on getting the Haulers, but not sure abot the size. I plan on doing more mod than what r in my sig so i want to plan for the future. I don't need to slide. For that I'll just through the old ones on.

so do I go with the 20' tall 8' rim and the 15t gear

or the 22' x 8' and the stock gearing

my thought is both should be the same as far as gearing, but the 22's would be heavier (I think)

Is the extra sidewall worth the weight trade off (hope than makes sense)
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That's a hard question as it really depends on your preferences.

I like the 8" rim option but I can't argue with why folks go with 10" wheels either.

What I like about 8" wheels is the additional protection they provide in regard to bending a wheel, I like the extra ride cushion they provide, and I like the fact you don't have to watch the air pressures like a hawk.

Depends on how much sliding and how competative you're riding/racing is. Nothing wrong with going either way far as I'm concerned.
it's not the rim size I'm debatting over. it's the tire size 20's or 22's

thanks for the reply
I was in the same boat for a few weeks. I called Skat Trak and was told to go with 22x11x9 9pdl Extremes, but after more research and speaking with friends who run haulers, I bought a set of 21x12x8 8pdl Haulers B2B which worked out great. The ride is softer than my ITP's and grip way better. Since your debating between 20" & 22" you should consider the 21". Or if you have any buddy's with haulers you my want to try em out. Hope this helps. :metal:
21x12x8 6paddle and at the most 7 paddles four strokes like less paddles unless your pushing some real hp's to move any over 7 paddles the trick to a sand tire is you want your tire to float and not keep digging to many paddles all your doing is digging and that slows you down JMO hope this helps and if you do get some extrems 6 paddles will work awsome

If you do decide on 21's I just put a set up for sale. 21 x 12 x 8 7 paddle extremes.

$150 + shipping. Pictures in the Parts/Bikes for sale section.

Whatever size you decide on remember this: Your putting haulers on a Raptor....nothing can catch you now! :grin_nod:
I went with some 22x11x8 8 paddle haulers
how do you like the 22-11-8
I likethe gearing I have and think the 21's would change that

what the diff in the extrems vs haulers?
how do you like the 22-11-8
I likethe gearing I have and think the 21's would change that

what the diff in the extrems vs haulers?
opps :lol:
raptorDlux said:
how do you like the 22-11-8
I likethe gearing I have and think the 21's would change that

what the diff in the extrems vs haulers?
the extremes are reinforced thicker stronger than the haulers for more hook up and they are usually overkill on a 4 stroke.IMO

21-12-8 6 or 7 paddle haulers would suit most bolt on raptors.
Of the choices you listed, id go to a 20" tire with 15t. I have 20s on 10s, and need to install the 15t sprocket I bought. I would not run 8" rims, but you didnt ask about rim size so that is that.

22s raise your center of gravity. No debating about that. 22s would have more cushion, but I dont think its neccessary unless you have some kind of medical condition.

If you have the 3 mods or less, id say a 7 paddle is all you need. I did 8 paddle with 3 mods and got so much traction, I needed a longer swingarm.
:lol:no medical conditions here! I have a +4 swing arm rear and +3 fronts (ea side) elka long travel setup in the works. I love to hill shoot and drag. (drag RACE that is...I've noticed you gotta be carefull how you post LOL)and ride aggressive. I want a tire setup that will give me the most hook up with out sacraficing anything performance wise...like too much wieght..etc.

I dont need to slide i got the sant stars for that.

I notice that all the really fast quads always have tall rear paddles.

I found some more old posts in the archives but still looking for more.

as for just "bolt-on" I don't plan to stay that way for very long, as soon as the money is good I MAY attempt a turbo setup.
a friend of mine suggested it, says his friend has the turbo thing down pat.(If any of you know of, or have seen that really fast turbo haybusa.....thats the guy) kind of cool just found out today he was a friend of a friend.

thanks again for everyones input
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I will let you know how mine work after thanksgiving weekend
cool thanks!
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