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Anybody here from the Outer Banks, NC or go there to ride?

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ive been wanting to go down there and ride but dont wanna make the trip if its not worth it....has anybody here ever rode there before? all the regulations say only between October 1 and April 30....seems to me it would be pretty damn cold on that water at those times
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I've been off roading in a truck out there, but haven't tried my raptor there yet. It was pretty cool, it's pretty flat so you can get some real good speed, not alot of big dunes to climb though.
As far as I know, Corolla is the only place you can do it. It sucks really, its just a beach. Its 14 miles long though so you can make a day of it, but it all looks the same, flat and sandy. IMO not worth the effort to get the permits and they are trying to change it so that only people who own property there will be able to get the permits to ride there.
well shit
so is there anythng close to dunes on the east coast?? seems like all we have is damn rocks
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