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Wish I had a enclosed trailer to take the quad already broken down top end and have atv shop look at the crank. When I took my pistion and cylender to atv yamaha certfied shop they said I could use a hone and new pistion due to some marks on the piston side. When I took cylender to honer he said by look of the pistion pin it looks like I will need to take out my crank rod and bring it to him for hone.
I got pretty worride at this point due to cracking the case to get the rod out for someone to hone it. Wiseco said thangs probley got hot and sticky and caused the pen to have to be taped out with hammer. I dont have fingernails I bite them so I took a safty pin and feeled rough areas inside the rod hole maybe light scratchs maybe deep I cant tell. My quad is 03 raptor 660r previously stolen unknown hours but the piston and wall was`nt to to bad to the atv shop.
I would hate to have to crack the engine open to take it out. I know no one can tell me for sure since they cant see it but what are the chances on me haveing to take my rod out to be honed? I mean i never even change the pistion before and the one in it appeared to be original stock and not in to bad condition. What are my chance on haveing to take the crank rod out and geted it homed?

I dont have a new pistion pin around but when i do get one it should slide inside the crank rod easly correct? And can I verfiy by puting a new pin in if the hole is in good shape by it being easy to slide in?

I thank i could get the rod out and back in and everythang installed right but im not ready to crack the bottom end open money wise and knowledge wise. I thought the cracked head stud mount , scatrched cylenderc and not so good piston was the badest thangs but if my hole is to damage to install a new pin and it work correctley than im in trouble and im going to have to get it hone. Please reply to me I never notice this being a problem for anyone else. But then again maybe someone has more exsperiace on this topic
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