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Anyone from the southeast? GA,Fla,Al,Tn,Sc?

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Hello everyone anyone in the region of georgia or southeast surrouding states?
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North Georgia
Ever ride at duraham town or rockycreek atv trail?
just picked up a hoopdy 2001 here in Tampa...
Whereabout are those trails.
I'm down here in west palm beach ,Florida
Im in southeast georgia
Miami, Florida.
Buford, GA. Broad River is another good one.
In north GA.
Jacksonville, FL
slap dab in the middle of the state of florida, deltona exaclt 5 miles from freaking everything!!!!!!! but nothing to do in deltona!!!!!

get me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ill pay)
Orlando, FL

just moved here goin to ucf, wheres ther to ride around here besides croom and ocala???
orlando sucks prett much, its either croom, ocala, titusville, or down south, or talahassee.. this is the problem that we all have lol, we need good riding but cant find it!!!
Dam this sucks, theres soo much land east of us before the coast, be nice if someone would just charge like 5 a day n let us ride it!
why you asking about south east area? wanna make a multi-state meet up and ride for a day, cause ill make a weekend outta it and go to like ga or alabama to ride, as long as its good riding... just let me know so i can get some aflack first in case i get hurt lol
You worried bout gettin hurt? How about putting some gear on? :p You guys come up to the atlanta area, great riding here.


Let me know when the southeast rally is. :wootwoot:
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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