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Are You Guys Happy with the GYTR Parts?

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This will be my first Yami and it's a Raptor 700. I usually mod everything I own to death. LOL This is my wifes ride and I want to keep the mods to minimal changes to her riding experience. No "coming on the pipe" type mods, she LOVES the fact that it's injected and she just has to hit a button and be good to go.
So I'm thinking a slip on, inate, skid plates and that sort. Question is, does the GYTR stuff work good for an average rider looking for just a little more performance or is it all just bling bling?
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The only thing I have is GYTR mods for power and I like them alot. When my clutch goes in goes the GYTR.
Yeah, I have the skids, heel guards, and grab bar on the 700. I use to have a whole bunch of gytr on the yfz. ALL of it has been great! Fits like it should!
The only thing I have EVER had a problem with is the GYTR body skid due to them putting the oil drain hole in the wrong spot.......thought that was pretty lousy. Other than that I would recomend GYTR to anyone! Even the skid that I have a problem with ....haha!
Quality all the way. You can't go wrong. Everything matches up perfect, keeps your warranty intact too.

pile0g00 said:
Yeah, I know there is an easy fix, and even though GYTR dicked up on this I would still recomend it......but that wasnt my point. It SHOULD have come from GYTR all ready to go, with everything in the correct location. I mean come on, its a yamaha product going on a yamaha. If anyone should make a perfect skid it should be them....but.

I still 100% believe in GYTR products though. They have all suited me fine, and install really easy....and its a yamaha part.
I could not agree more in fact, here is a quote of mine from the same thread
pile0g00 said:
Well that took longer than expected. I had to make sure of what bolt to remove on the oil tank. It turns out there is no hole in the GYTR skid. I can’t believe that with all the MFing holes in that damn thing that they could not have even accidentally put a hole there, heck they were only about 3 inches away on one hole. It is an easy fix though. I will do it when I do my next oil change. I just can’t believe that I did not notice that when I put them on. I did notice the hole for the crank case, guess I just thought it would pull it out of the oil tank, awe who am I kidding I was “as excited as a retard at the chucky cheese.” and did not even pay that close of attention.
Well if this is the only negative thing about the GYTR parts, that's definately good enough for me, parts on order.
I got the front sport bumper, fits like a glove.
I have their full exhaust, I like it
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