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ok, it is startin to get cold as a bittch here and im gonna most likely leave the rap alone for the winter, except of course for THE SNOW STORMS that we better get, my question is - isnt there somethin i can get that hooks to the battery that will cause a trickel charge or somethin that will assure me she will start when i want her to? what steps can i take to make sure ill have her runnin when it snows? it would suck to want ride and not be able to cuz the quad was sittin for so long
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I plan on riding mine, so I'm just going to go out and start it every now and then. Work the levers, let her warm up, move it a little. That should keep the battery charged. It's the same thing I do with my riding mower, that's a diesel and I never had any problem with it in the spring. My mower already has a fuel additive in it, but I know I'll go through more than one tank/winter on my rappy.
Trickle chargers are nice to have, but I think they are more for a complete winterization, a discharged battery or a trolling motor battery. You shouldn't need one if you're going to start it once or twice a week. JMO :)
thats a very good price, just checked around besides fleabay :thumbsup:
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