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04 raptor 660. 686 big bore with open airbox/k&n. Big guns slip on exhaust
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Ok so back story to this is i acquired a 1978 dt125 2 stroke engine by itself. Came with new piston and rings and carb however the main bearings were bad. I found the parts cheap and decided to fix it for a go cart project.
Here's my question, once I button it back up is there a way to bench test start the engine to make sure it runs good. Its a Kickstart only which I feel will make it harder but I figured ill build a stand out of wood so I can kick it over. Second thing is there is no cdi, its a old style contact point ignition. I have a ignition coil but no other electronics for it.
I would appreciate any ideas to getting this to run on the bench or info on what other electronics I need being its the old style ignition.
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