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Hey gang,

I was wondering if any of y'all have a comment on my situation involving some free play I have in my Blingstar rotor guard. See video below.

I installed the guard a few weeks ago and at the time it was all very snug. I then rode the quad a couple times and have notice that I've hit a few things as expected and noticed there now exists a little free play. There is about a half of millimeter play and I can see play when I wiggle it back and forth with my hand. Does this seem like a problem that I should be concerned about? Does anyone have any ideas on how I could tighten up?

As a side note, which may or may not be relevant. When I installed the guard new, I was told by Jay at Blingstar that I will have to remove 1 of the two rubber 0 rings (the outer). If I have it in, then I wont be able to get the big snap ring on. Sure enough, he was right. That sucker would not go on. But as I mentioned earlier, I was able to get it all snuged up nice and firm when it was new.

Do you think it's possible that after smakin' a few rocks it created the play that I see?

NOTE: when you watch the video, crank up the volume so you can hear the free play I'm talking about.

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