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Brake/sprocket hubs or axle???

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My brake and sprocket hubs are really sloppy.So would that be the splines on the hubs or the axle?? :3question:
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Anyone? :help:
Take it apart and look at them. see if the splines are damaged and on which part.
Was hoping someone had the same problem.
Whats a good replacement axle?
depends on what you want to spend... Durablue will be more exspensive, G-force will be cheaper. Both are good axles, but the durablue is much better
g-force axles have a lifetime warranty though :thumbsup:
Wont a +2 axle make your quad push if you don't widen the front too?
I finally took apart my axle/hubs.My brake/sprocket hubs are trashed.My axle doesnt look that bad. Not sure what i should do.What hubs what axle???
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

How about hubs?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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