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Is there that many people breaking gears with the higher hp bike out there? Like 80hp plus. Reason I ask is I just took the teeth off 3rd gear on a 63hp raptor and a 20hp shot. I left on 3/4 throttle in 2nd then pinned it for the wot switch to hit then grabbed 3rd and boom that was it. At 83hp with nitrous on 8 paddle haulers in wet sand I cant believe this could break so easy. Heck I didnt even lift the front end. The clutch is a dl700 upgraded w 30% stronger springs and a Kenz lockout. I dont see too many guys running around here with billet parts in their trans. I dont know if I should put stockers back in or go the very expensive billet route. I like to trail ride and race for fun at the dunes but this isnt very fun.
Coupel of pics for ya.


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