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s_raptor_s said:
i was woundering which cam is best with a ct exhaust and pcIII
- best for reliability, and speed/torque
- also stage 1 or 2 what is the diffrence?
Well there is not set anwser to this. More like personal preferance. So here i go. Webb and megacycles are the top 2 IMO. I would go webb myself, but both are good.
The higher the stage the more agressive the cam is. Which means it lifts the valves higher to open more. The stage 3 webb and the X2 from megacycles will produce the most HP and torque. All cams cost about the same.
Stage 1 makes less HP because it doesnt have as high of lift.
But because of the lower amount of lift it doesnt need Heavy Duty valve springs and retainers. This saves money and alot of labor. As soon as you go stage 2 or 3 you need HD spings and retainers (around $150-$200) which requires you to remove the head form the bike and have a shop or someone with special tools to install them.
So more HP goes to stage 3. Cheaper goes to stage 1. Stage 2 IMO is not a choice for me. If im going to put springs and want HP then just go stage 3. If you want to save time and money (half price easy) then just install a stage one from either Webb or Megacycles. If 400-500 is ok to spend then go with the stage 3 Webb, or X2 megacycles (as they only have a X1 and X2 from megacycles).
Now theres a bit more to cams then this, but this is the basics and should be enough info to make a descision on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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