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Can-Am X3RS 172HP, Tripple Black

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My new toy after selling the Raptors, and I love it. BUT, beware, it'll cost a lot more then a Raptor.
I had to add;
Street legal kit.
Sand tires, of course.
Lots of lights: roof bar, grill bar, mirror lights, reverse lights, rock lights, chase lights and dome lights.
5 point harnesses.
Heated seats.
5,000K winch with 23,000lb rope.
Glass windshield and wiper/washer kit.
Plastic rear window.
Door and roof storage bags.
Radio and intercom.
Back-up and forward camera.
Extra belts.
Lighted whips.
DynoJet controller and Whalen tune.
And, my favorite and most complex install, orange-yellow flame wrap.
Also complex was all the wiring and extra switches and aux fuse block.
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Quite a ride :D What kind of fuel consumption do you get?
Thanks. LOL,,,, It's a toy, I don't figure fuel mileage, I fill it up every time before going out. The forum says up to 150 miles per 10.5gal tank capacity. I'm sure in the dunes my mileage is less. I have around 700 miles on it so far. Got to get out more but it's not a good time of the year here.
Now that looks insanely Crazy..

Post side pics

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THANKS, So far I only found one place my Raptor wouldn't go, and even the Raptor would be iffy.
Pics were on the laptop, I'll try more later from the phone.
Yup, agreed, that thing looks pretty slick there Dez!
Thanks. Yeah, I hated to sell the raptors, but now going on 73 I needed a cage. If I was a safe and sane rider I would be OK. But I couldn't keep myself from going BRRRRAP.
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Looks Sweet Man, that's a long list of goodies, had to put a dent in the wallet lol
I saved by doing all the work myself.
Now I'm spending my kid's inheritance, hahaha!
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Caged at 73??? If only we all had that stamina! Sweet looking new wheel!
I had JOGACA do my Raptor shocks with new springs that complimented my weight and extended swing arm and a-arms. It was a smooth ride..
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