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Can anyone tell me if the Dr D exhaust is built of good quality, performance??

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Hey there I really don't know much with all of the companies besides HMF, WB, FMF socan someone tell me if the Dr D exhaust is good or no. The magazine article that rated it the highest doesn't mean sqaut if all of the exhausts weren't tested with the same setup. Please help..
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I bought the exhaust after reading the magazine's comparison (4 months ago). It is not only a great looking setup it is built well and performs outstanding. There are a lot of great pipes out there and it can be quite confusing but I am very happy with my decision. With that name - how dare you buy anything else. ;)
Dr.D is one of the best out. Doug Dubach has done extensive work with Yamaha R&D. Allot of people swear by Dr.D in my neck of the woods. I’ve seen many and never herd a bad word. They use the step system or theory. Cool thing is the step rings are welded in different spots for different bikes….so it not one size fits all type pipe but is tuned different for individual makes and models. I will probably pick up a Dr.D head pipe to go with my TBR silencer
I recently installed a DR D full system on my 700,I love the way it sounds and looks,I'm having a minor issue with a exhaust leak where the slip-on and mid pipe mate,a forum member (glamis700) suggested to just loosen everything back up and make sure everything is aligned right and re tighten,which will probably correct this.As far as performance is concerned,I did the 3 mods at the same time and the difference is like night and day.
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