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I recently bought a 660 raptor 2002 model. The engine is a 2005. I have no history on the bike except when I bought it gas was running out of the carbs as fast as it went in. I tore it down completely. Soaked it in carb cleaner for 2 hours. Replaced everything except the needles ( due to not knowing how to replace them correctly) there were more more parts in the rebuild kit than in the exisitng needles have. The bike does have a yoshi pipe. All of the parts i replaced were stock parts.
After rebuilding it started immediatly, ran great and reved up fine. Untill it warmed up. After it warmed up it started to backfire and spit then die, but will start back up like nothing is wrong then do the same thing again. I am completely new at working on these bikes and have no clue what is wrong.

I have read some of the other posts about jetting and aftermarkert pipes but i put in 140 and 145 that came with the rebuild kit. Will the main jets effect the bike in this way?
Any advice will help.
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