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carb problem....

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so i was out at the track the other day and as the day went on my raptor started running like shit (bogging down when gettin on the gas but then would pick back up) so i thought i would get a new plug and put it in... ran just as bad if not worse... so i went ahead and cleaned the carb out completely now it will start but once i give it gas it wants to die... by the way i am new  to raptors and this is the first time i have ever worked on one. the dual carb setup is new to me other than working on a banshee one time but like i said it will start up and idle just fine and rev up when the choke is put on but once you touch the throttle it just wants to die any suggestions?

another thing the slides done move up or down when i move the throttle... i have never seen a setup like the raptor before and i am confused by the way the slides are in there (no cables) does it work on a vacume or something like that?
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CV carbs, not slides. You must not have cleaned much if you didn't figure this out, popping off the tops of the needles gives it away.

Check your parking brake adjustment and connections to your reverse sensor (located behind the shifter). This can cause intermittent bogging on account of the rev limiters associated with them.
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