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changing frm pred to rappy

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hey guys / at the moment i have a really fast pred 50.65 hp at the rear wheels dynoed by kelly kms in az/ ive beat all the preds at the drags at gordens well/ im bored with it ive had it 3 years/ next bike is the rappy 700 / a piped 700 with a programmer will beat me by 2 bikes/ i cant take it/ ill know the 27th 4 sure if i can get 1/ this is what i will do/ ct pipe/ programmer/ 734 big bore/ stage 1 cam/ kn filter / im thinking this will run hard/ last trip to the dunes with the pred / thanksgiving gordens at the drags at 3.30 pm hope to run some of u
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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