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Checking Oil...

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When do you all check your oil - - right before you ride the bike (like after it has been sitting over night) , or like start the bike let the engine get warm and shut off the bike and then check it??? I thought someone told me to let it run for a bit and get warm and then check the oil, but that doesnt seem right to me.... i thought you should check it before you start it each time....?? Thanks Plattner
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In the manual it states warm the bike up from cold for several minutes, then shut off motor and check :thumbsup:
Hey Plattner, In the manual it says run the bike a while this is becouse its a dry sump and has to pump the oil around the engine

not like your car that will have a wet sump(that you check when cold and unstarted)

Hope this helps 8)
You should check it right after running it. This is because of the dry sump system in that the oil begins to drain out of it after it's not running, unlike a car that you want to leave it sit a while to get a good reading.
Don't forget after running it to let it cool down a few minutes to let the foam settle or you WILL get an eroneous reading!
Thanks Everyone!! I appreciate it all, i am glad i found this website after i got my bike. Thanks Again - Plattner
Also remember not to screw the dip stick down when checking the oil.
700yellowraptor said:
yes if i check it warmed up it fine :p check it cold way over full :crazy:
Hmmm, mine is exactly opposite. I check it cold and it's a little under full, check it after it's been run and allowed to cool for a couple of minutes and she is right up to full!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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