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Chinese ATV electrical problem

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Hi, wondering if I could get some help. I'm working on a Chinese quad (2010 Hisun HS400ATV) so let me know if you are unable to help me or I'm in the wrong spot. Basically, I have a very weird problem where my CDI has 10 wires, and only one of them I can reasonably assume is positive because it is red. I have the whole loom out of the bike so I have traced all of the wires from the CDI. the problem is, where the red wire goes is a 4 pin connector near the stator, but on the other side of the connector, there are only 2 (blue and black) which go into the stator housing. Wondering if you would know how to fix it or if I can just use another CDI I have (DC) and just wire it up to the battery. I thought I might be missing an exciter coil and that could be the problem, but only 5 wires come from the engine, and 3 of them are the reg/rec. This just seems weird though to have an AC CDI in a bike that cant power it. Thanks for your time!


Stator - (Black and Blue wire) - 4 pin connector - (2 white/green wires, 1 red wire, 1, red/white wire) - (Red to CDI, 2xW/G to CDI, and W/R to CDI)

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