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took apart the clutch tonight on my 01 raptor 660 after rough shifting and a bit of slippage, symptoms weren't bad by any means. the old pack exploded the first 2 plates.
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ordered a brand new tusk kit with heavy duty springs and installed it but after all plates and discs are in the pressure plate is not making contact with the pack? what could be worn out so badly that there is about 1mm between the pack and the pressure plate? is there a chance something isn't installed right? I used the video from rocky mountain to insure i was properly assembling the pack. also found a pretty decent handful of metal shavings and the oil is filled with shavings and I found one third of a plastic gear that is supposed to be below the clutch basket (the rest of it was shredded to bits in the motor). I am completely baffled at how it ran perfect and drove perfect without any engine noise this morning Wednesday January 18th. any advice appreciated!馃槀

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Your pressure plate needs to be properly aligned with the basket. On the outside of the pressure plate near one of the spring/bolt holes there is an arrow. With the pressure plate removed, you will see a hole cast into the inside ring of the basket near one of the spring/bolt holes. You must line up the arrow on the pressure plate with the hole mark on the basket and the gap will be gone.

You did replace the shredded plastic gear I hope? I would suggest cleaning the oil screen at the bottom of the oil tank, as I'm sure it is gunked up with plastic and clutch material.
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