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Clutch replacement

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How long and how much work am I gonna have to do to replace my clutch it went out after a year...I guess 3rd gear lauches will catch up to you.

Anyway anyone replace theres?
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Clutch replacement is fairly straight forward. If you follow the manual step by step you should do fine. Here is a tip- soak the friction plates in oil overnight before you install. If you burned one up in one year I would look into a Hinson clutch. I ALWAYS put Hinson on my dirtbikes, and I probably will on the Raptor when it wears out. :thumbsup:
yeah....the hinson or gytr clutch pieces and then do a heavy duty clutch kit...with heavier springs and better plates. Trinity sells them...I am sure you can find them other places too!
And if you really want to have the cat's ass set-up add a Magura hydraulic clutch. One finger is all it takes.
hey man, did this happen out at Gordons last weekend? I was wondering how long you could keep that up for. I saw you beat'n up on a pretty nice shee before I left Test, did you keep it in third like we tested?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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