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Raptor of the Month December 2011

This is the place to enter yours or nominate a friend's Raptor for Raptor of the Month!
To enter please post a few good quality pictures and a list of mods ( Signatures do not count as a mod list )

November 2011 ROTM is Open to all Raptor models
As always enter or nominate on the 1st through to the 15th.
Then voting runs from the 15th until the end of the month.
Past Winners have to wait 1 year to enter again, they are
Lucky 69

(Side Note: No quad will make the finals more then 2 month in a row)


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Ok guys start putting up your Raptors. Spartan727 has been nice anuff to take over ROTM along with POTW so do not let this thread go to watse.
(Thanks Spartan727 :) )

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I'm gonna try since I finally got the rappy where I want it.
Where do I start it's an 07 700r now for the parts.
DMC Force4 duals
Prodesign intake with AMS oil filter
Open air box with outer wears air box cover
Lonestar axle and hubs
Renthal front and rear sprokets with RK gold chain
houser steering stem
Precision stablizer
Streamline cables and brake lines
ASV F3 levers
Relocated parking brake
JD Performace MGC +2 A arms
razr2 front tires on ITP SS wheels and Kutter rear tires on ITP SS wheels
Alba heal guards
GYTR belly skid plate and PRM swinger plate
Trail Tech Vapor compter
Jokers vault key holder and DR D reverse lever
Fat Bars
SE front shocks
Gt Thunder lowering link
DFR grip its frame and rear fender
cut front fenders (spiders style)
Pro armor bumper
Pro armor radiator protector
Custom Wetdream front brake master cylinder cap "Raptor 700"
Tusk shifter
Tusk rear brake rotor
One Industries graphics
Fasst antivib handle bar inserts
Spark plug and speed limiter mods
TM Designs front sproket cover/case saver
Ebay special coolant res guard


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Hell to make it fun

07 700-778 back yard built
105.5 cylender
+5 hot rods crank
+2 Cuervo Racing Extreme port
White Knuckle true 54mm TB and intake
Denso 565cc pink injector
Troys evac valve
Full Fiber clutch mod with HDD heavy duty springs
Dynatek HDD custom curves
DMC Force 4's
Pc5 custom mapped by Eric at EHS Racing 80+hp 60+tq
Fast Flexx Bars 14* with rebound kit with ODI lock on's from TQS
Roxx 2' riser
AVS shorties
DRD Reverse lever
JRV key Relocater
Relocated E brake
Custom shifter
RUKind red eyes
HID kit
CCP stearing stabilizer
PRM full skids .190 arms and belly .250 swinger
PRM Summit bumper
PRM sidebars
PRM 6 Pack Rack
*all being pc'd black now
Spiderweb can cover and radiator guard
Wiigstyle revalved and sprung 09 SE shocks
trail quad so it's got ITP Mudlite SP tires
Also got a cfm lowering kit for the occasional flat track
LSR axcel
Stock swinger
Geared 15/36
And something I forgotten some where along the way.
5.0 @ 66mph 300' times:rocket:in trail trim(mud tires full skids) was on a hard clay track that was hard to hook on if I coulda hooked I bet 4.6 4.7 would be more like it opticmisticlly:rofl::haha:

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Enter folks

From The Stix 2 Da Brix
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Apparently lol

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I guess i will enter for December! It looks a tiny bit different now, but only the Handlebars.

D7 Turbo- Micro polished- 360 thrust bearing.
+6 Slc Latter Bar Swing Arm
Pro-Taper Bars (not pictured)
Auto Meter Oil Filled Boost Gage
Auto Meter Digital Air/ Fuel Gage
Tusk Clutch and Brake Levers
Larger Aluminum Oil Tank
Mod Quad Case Saver
JVR Seat
Chrome Steering Stem, A arms, and Frame Spikes
Frame, Plastics, Radiator, hubs and wheels painted.


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well i was thinking on entering until i saw dune junkies entry.... sad sad day...needless to say my bike is no where near complete so yea, very nice bick though DJ!!
What happens when I race turbos
BTW it was Lucas English built.

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ughh dunejunkie i want that raptor!!

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2008 Raptor 700R

MSD Blaster EFI
DMC Afterburner Duals
Fox Zero Pro Long Travels
No Lid
Modquad intake
Diamond J Widening Kit
GYTR Rear Wave Rotor
Oni Lock on Grips
Pro Taper SE Raptor Bend Bars
GYTR Heel Guards
Shaved Front Fenders

I'm sure theres some other little stuff I'm fogetting..

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Turbo Rappy :)

This bike was Built from ground Up, everything bought from scratch and then assembled.
Painted Ford Electirc Blue and Misc. parts either Chromed or Polished.
Motors SB/SS
10.25 Machined down CP Piston
Stock Welded Crank
Ported Head by DT Performance
Stock cam
Dyna Ignition & Coil
+3 TB
D7/JVR Turbo Kit
+6 SLC Swinger
Aluminum Play Axle
Front Spindle Mounts
Rear 22" 10 Paddle SLS Hauler on 6" Rims
Plastics painted by a buddy
Motors on 14lbs of boost until this Winter :)
97HP 71TQ

Thanks Guys!
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