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I have take a look at the ''Great Raptor 700 Dual's thread''.. Very great thread TQS !!! This year came a new set of exhaust from DEP The set is around 800$ on e-bay... nobody seem to have buyed this set and i have contacted DEP to get some info..... i am a litlle bit disappointed of the answer..

My e-mail :

I have looked at the full product listing and find that you made a dual system for The Raptor..Why this is not displayed on the site??? It’s listed for the 2010 model but will this fit on a 2009 ???? Are a spark arrestor included and is there a quiet core available ??? Is it possible to see high quality pictures of a set installed on a Raptor and the fitment under the frame ?? I am really looking to buy a set of dual and these are the best looking i haven’t seen... but no one have installed them and there is no feedback available.

The answer :
Hi Pete
Please find pictures attached of the Raptor pipes. We do not have a picture of it on the bike.
We do not know whether the 2010 will fit the 2009 bike.

Kind Regards



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As for fitment, I see no reason why it wouldn't fit every 700 from 06 on up if it fits a 2010. Another member has pointed out to me, and I think I agree, that those particular pipes in the pictures don't appear to be for a 700R Raptor from the bends of the pipes and the location of those mounting brackets on the midpipes.

But the fact that they don't know this, and the fact that they haven't bothered to take a picture of it installed on a machine doesn't exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy about the manufacturer or the likely performance. It would have been nice of them to answer all of your questions as well.

I would probably stick to one of the proven brands as well :thumbsup:
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