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DMC Duals + Elka Pro Shock equals problems!!!

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Just a warning to anyone considering the purchase of the DMC dual system that has an Elka rear shock (or possibly any aftermarket shock). The midpipe route for the left exhast comes in contact with the resovoir line.
Not a complete tradgedy, I had to release the Banjo bolt on the shock and move the line to an upwards direction which solved the problem. Had to pay to get the shock re-gassed even though I dont believe I lost any gas/oil, I wasnt willing to take the risk of ruining the shock.

Just a word of warning to anyone in this situation :thumbsup:
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I am not laughing at you I just find it funny after all the crap the LTE's have got for hitting the resovoir. Thanks for the heads up.
Yeah, thats what turned me off buying the LTE's!! This is not an issue for 700's with the stock shock still.
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