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dobeck question

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I have searched and cannot find any settings for my dobeck programmer that i bought. I am waiting on my full HMF pipe to get here but in the mean time i was wanting to know a good setting for my 700 raptor with a pro design intake , K&N, with the airbox lid on and a stock pipe with spark arrestor. Im going to waynoka sand dunes this weekend so im trying to get it to run descent before i go. I have tried it without the sparky and no lid with no luck. As it stands right now th is thing ran better stock than the way it does now. Also i ordered a 15 tooth sprocket but i dont know if i should put it on for the sand or not. Im gonna run 20" sand sharks.
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I dont have a dobeck but the concept is the same. Start with the lowest pod get that dialed in good. Keep doing that with each pod till she screams. :thumbsup:
ditch the lid.. lose the sparky and run 4:7:6:7. but if not run like 3.5: 5:6:7. just check the plug for lean cond. if lean turn up 1/2 a click on the first and second pot..
ok ill try those settings. Did you have any thoughts on changing my sprocket to the 15 tooth before i go to the sand?
man thanks for the advise on the settings. This thing friggin rips now. :thumbsup: Im gonna try it without the lid and sparky tommorrow although i wish my dam pipe would come in before i go to the sand. I cant wait to see how its gonna run with that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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