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Dynateck F.I. controller setting!!!

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I just bought a dynateck controller today, and im asking you guys a starting point to adjust. I' m stock, just Spark arrestor and air box lid off. I'm tinking of starting the base curve #1. IT is installed on the bike but I didn't have enough time to check it!!
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You will either be Base 1 and run a little high on the settings or base 2 and run a little low. It says base 1 is for stock exhuast and stock filter/aftermarket filter. When you remove the lid you add alot of air so that has to be accounted for. try it on base 1, drive around for awhile then check your spark plug and see what it looks like. If its whiteish then your too lean and need to try base 2 or turn up the low/mid/high depending on how she feels. its mostly just trial and error till you get it right or pay to have it tuned.

Good luck man and dont be afraid to ask us questions. :thumbsup:
I made some test now, at base 1 and all setting to 0% it run hard and well power. At base 2 with settings at 0% it run less hard but smoother range!! I'll try to make the setting of the base 2 a bit lower and see the difference!!! Fir dyno tune it is impossible because the nearest is about 8 hours from here!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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