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E-bay store power package?

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There is a store on e bay offering HMF full system, pro design intake with k&N,and a dobeck for $660.Has anybody gone this route?I'm looking to do the three mods right now and this seems to be a great deal.I think sweetquads is offering this package for about $ 50 less,but I have herd alot of negative things lately about them.I would appreciate any feedback as to where to purchace.

Thanks Mike
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Try our new sponsor :thumbsup: I hear the guy is really cool.
What store is this, to find some products for me?
Hello, I just purchased a new 06 LE and started my mods. I ordered this kit on ebay that your talking about. I bought it sat. night, hope it doesnt take too long to get here. I also got a 15t sprocket, gytr bumper, and a iridium plug.
Big M,

I have tried to contact [email protected] for over a week via E-Mail and PM he has yet to respond to my request on pricing,obviously doesn't need my money,and won't get any in the future :doublebird:

I don't have a link but i think its atvgalaxy on e-bay.

Keep us informed how this deal works out.

Thanks Mike
Will Do, I did forget to tell them which finish I wanted so I had to email and tell them. They responded to me within 24hrs so all is good so far. It is ATVGALAXY BTW. 8)
ATV Galaxy is good I got my Prodesign Intake from them last week. I ordered it on monday and got it Thursday. Their fast. KB is good to he just goes to school along with selling parts.
Update: got shipping confirmation from atvgalaxy today. Parts should be here monday!(Their in cali.) Cant wait. The package is called a stage 3 btw. Also got my shipping confirmation from power parts plus so my bumper should be here friday. My sprocket is en route from rocky mtn. atv and my plug is coming also. -Looks like all the vendors I bought from are on the ball so far. Will update when I get the stuff, Happy riding guys. Jason....
Glad to hear about the positive feedback about atv galaxy,but I decided to go DR D instead of HMF...so I'm still shopping :banghead:ping
They sell Dr.D too.
The Dr. D Slip on is awesome, I am going to order the headpipe at the end of the week but yeah atv galaxy carries Dr. D parts.
ok, thank you, i know already this e-bay shop, i have found there the suspension kit i' m intrested for, roll design a-arms - elka suspension(lobo II) and i have asked them some details and they asked very quick, nice price also...
Is rocket factory atvgalaxy as e-bay seller, or is a diffrent sponsor
Update: Got the kit from ebay today. Everything looked great and im very pleased. Fast shipping too. Got the exhaust on and the filter kit. Now for the dobeck and the sprocket.
I ended up getting a DR D full system through my local dealer,should arrive tommorow,my pro design intake through RM,and fuel controler through Dobeck direct,Iprobly paid a few bucks more this route,but its the way I most was comfortable with.
i just got an axle from atvglaxy. called them to see if i got the axle today if it would ship out by tomorrow. he said order it now on the phone and it will ship out now. ups is picking up right now 5:46 pm... cool guy to deal with and gave me a better than ebay listed price. they will get more of my business for sure.
Cool, I have been looking at that power pack. I think that is the way I am going to go soon. I like the idea of having everything from one seller.
How much louder is this exhaust then the stock one? Looks like a good deal on the package might see if I can talk santa into bringing that to me!
You wont be sorry. Great seller. :thumbsup:
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