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i found someone that will sell me elka quad rates with remote rezzis for $450.
sound like a good deal guys?
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Sounds really good if its for the pair and not bad if its each. After you get them you might want to send them to elka for a tune up and revalve.
wow that is a really good price. you should see how long and hard theyve been ridden but either way for that price, send them to elka to get the re-valved for around maybe 2-4 hundred bucks and theyll be like brand new. the 2-4 is with the upgrade to elites too. but brah thats a steal
it's a local kid so i know they weren't used hard
i picked them up today didnt get to put them on yet. he has a set of burgard plus 2 for $200 i 'm thinking of gettin
i'd get those too :thumbsup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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