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Exhaust builders db levels. A little off????

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Not sure what meters they all are using but CT claims my pipe is 95db with all the disks in. Got tested last weekend and with one disk removed I was 106db. Ouch!!!! :'(
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Thats a far cry from 95! Every 3 decibles is 100% louder. Was that at the 3500rpm test point?

I was tested back in July when I was running the Trinity full system. It idled at 101.5, a little throttle to what the ranger and I estimated was 3500rpm and I hit 107!!!!!!

106db is loud....somebodys db meter is off, whether its CT or the person that tested you. Does it seem loud to you? If it does, then Id say CT is understating their db claim. I was never fond of the disc setup myself at any rate.
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