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finally got it outside or a test drive. no lid this time, with outerwears, k&n, 25 pilots, fuel screws, 2.5-2.75 turns, 65-170 mains, CDI from dynatek, magic power box, I know my battery is kind of bad...

idles good, after it revs up a bit its rips but bogging at low rpm almost seems like its missing (or short of fuel) but as soon as it revs up a little it rocks right to the top. no backfiring or popping when let go of throttle.

I think i am really close but i dont like the almost dieing at low RPM when it is try to pull up. This is why i bought a 4 stroke.

It is quite cold today...0 deg C or 32 f

When it warms up will it be OK? or what should i do to fix this??? turn out the fuel screws??? this weekend will be 14 degC hopefully make a differnce

What about the needles??? should they be move off stock position???

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