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I was pulling out the fan relay and notice two wires taped with connectors. I unraveled everything and noticed the two connectors were loose. Once i snapped both connectors back in i started the quad. At idle the fan finally came on! I checked the temp with my IR and it came on around 215 F- 218 F. The IR was pointed on the top return radiator hose. I pointed The IR on the cylinder head near the spark plug and it was 243 F. Is that to hot for the head?

I pulled my ecu out and unplugged it for awhile then plugged it back up.

I removed the rev limiter sensor from the lever and zip tied it.

Started the bike up and the backfire is pretty much gone. Nothing on deceleration like it was.

I still have a slight sputter. Not bad to where it sounds like shutting off but you can hear it during idle. Im aiming towards dirty throttle body or clogged injector.

Anyone ever had a sputtering problem?
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