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Next year is now in the works and I hope 2010 is as good as 2009
So a very big Thank You to:

Cycle Works
DTR Racing
Direct Drive
Mid Valley Metal Works AKA Powdercoter.
Modquad Racing
Rooster Built
Team Rocket Factory
White Knuckle Racing

Very well done and we hope to have you back in 2010.

Welcome to the UNIOFFICIAL Raptor Rally May 7th 8th 9th and 10th 2009 To be held in the Oregon dunes at Florence Oregon. The main camping area this year 2009 will be at The Sand Dunes Frontier Camping area just out side of Florence Oregon. Please tell your friends

T Shirt Link for the 2009 Rally http://www.raptorforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49983 if your not listed on the donation list below please let me know. Also if you want your logo on the T Shirt Please make sure Gotboost has a file of your logo. Thank You

Company Donation Donation Web
Team Rocket Factory Has offered to help out with a donation. www.teamrocketfactory.com

DTR Racing Hats, t-shirts, swet shirts, and 2 jackets http://www.dtrracing.com/

Mid Valley Metal Works Inc.
Full Powder Coating job to the raffel again this year from Mid Valley Metal Works Inc.

1) Hot Cam (any stage) for a 700R or one CP shelf piston.

Rooster Built LLC.
Thay will be donating a free Dyno Tune at the rally raffle. Valued at $205 Thank You David

DirectDrive: Billet Goodies

Mod Quad will donate the following for the raffle:
T-Shirts, Stickers, Gift Certificates, Raptor 700 Lockout, Flags, Flag Mounts and Misc Billet
Email: [email protected]

Kenz Cycle Tech will be donating somthing and I am sure it will be good. I will update when I find out.

Cycleworx AKA KingofBling will be donating:
4 zip up hooded sweat shirts
2 beanies
25 koozies
6 shirts
maybe more to come Robert Cycleworx101 Central Point Or 541-831-1011

Raptor Source.Com will be donating t-shirts and I think a gift card. I will update when I find out.

Location for the rally this year will be Florence Oregon, I am working on a Group deal at Sand Dunes Frontier for room to hold 20 to 30 Trailers and more if needed. I am working on a list of helpful links of the Florence area to be posted soon. Please Let me know if you would like me to add something to this page.

CAMPSITE PHOTOS Please take a look.

Add this one to your bookmarks this is a great link for information.

Sand dunes frontier camping

Chamber of Commerce

Team Rocket Factory 32' motor home, 24' tpd trailer, 28' stacker, 33' motor home.

DTR Racing 36' motorhome 24' trailer 1 truck

White Knuckle Truck and large trailer

People Going
1. Ordunner Chris Tribe 26' trailer 1 truck 2 people
2. Powder Coater
3. Bigdady660R 26' trailer 1 truck
4. Sandaddy 30' motor home 24' trailer 2 people
5. Jim Ladd 24 ft camper and 24 ft trailer
6. 1fst690 32' 5th 1 truck
7. Segkast 70' and 1 truck
8. DuneMe 39' Trailer + truck people?
9. RaptorRandy27 20' toyhauler and a 99 F250 PSD 2 to 3 people, 1 Jack Russell Terrier.
10. RaptorR
11. SUB454 30' motorhome 16' trailer 1truck 1 extra vehicle 3 people 2 kids
12. PDXRaptor 21' trailer 1 truck 3 people
13. Spoiler61 24' trailer 1 truck
14. Shotcaller
15. StrkMn
16. Maskin
17. Josh 29' trailer 2 people 1 kid
18. Tyler 1 truck tent
19. Boarder0577 To trucks one trailer and one travel trailer
20. Zebradog 26' trailer 1 truck and 4 people 2 kids
21. Maverick dodge haulin a shorty 8 footer
22. King of Bling
23. BigRig
24. Quiksilverz71 2+another couple. So 2 trucks one 7x14 enclosed trailer and one little tilt trailer
25. Maxx 24' trailer S
26. Bruces 690
27. Meet 4 people and need 60' of space at a minimum
28. GotBoost Ford Expedition + 20' flat bed trailer. 2 people and possible our new puppy
29. Corked twenty two foot motor home and a 16ft trailer 3 adults
30. brap-brap-brap 32' trailer, Toyota truck and 10' quad trailer
31. King of Bling
32. Ripper660
33. DCexcel 25' rig. 1 quad for now, hope for 2
34. Gotboost friends Truck+20' enclosed trailer and an extra vehilce.
35. dicbenenya
36. robkd 05' chevy with a 7x14 enclosed trailer and tent.
37. jonesi700r crew cab ford with a 25' trailer maybe a tent too
38. Overrated Rig and Toyhauler
39. Dicbenenya powerstroke and 16ft car trailer and most likely another truck and trailer
40. Thrasht I have a 25' toy hauler and Dodge pickup. There will probably be 3 of us coming
41. Keth C 80' motorhom with trailer.
42. 40 ft Motor Home w/ 24 ft trailer. Name is Robert Powelson
43. dan" to the overflow area he has a 40' 5th
44. Jacob 08se 1 truck 14' trailer 3atv 1 truck 20' trailer 4atv 3-4 tents

Hamburgers Saturday dinner at 6:30PM. Group Photo at 5:30 PM (Chris Tribe)
1. HELP with cooking like making plates up while I flip the hamburgers?
2. Buns (Chris Tribe)
3. Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, lettuce, Tomato, and relish (Chris Tribe)
4. Large BBQ (Chris Tribe)
5. Oysters 2 dozen or more DCexcel
6. Paper plates and paper towels (Chris Tribe)
7. Utensils (Chris Tribe)
8. Hot dogs and buns (Powder Coater) also Maxx will do dogs, road kill,lol, buns,chips and condiment, and some super hot sauce for the very brave.
9. Chips and dip
10. Drinks (bring your own, always keep safty in mind).
11. Cups
12. Garbage bags (RaptorR)
13. Salad BigRig to bring a big Salad.
14. Anyone want to take video
15. Wood for large fire pit (RaptorR)
16. Camera for photos (Chris Tribe)
17. 1 table but we could use more (Chris Tribe)
18. 4 seats (Chris Tribe) so bring your own
19. bucket of Macaronionoioni salad and potato salad (Sandaddy)
22. Griled Salmon (SegKast)
23. Beens (zebradog)
24. Garry from RF will be donating chips, soda, and energy drinks. This was way cool last year and thank you for doing this Garry.
25. Dip and ? GotBoost
26. spoiler61 deviled eggs and baked beans.
27 We need 4 scales so we can have a raptor waigh off and for sumo class.
28 Ribs and stakes for grill (Thrasht)

I just want to add that I am happy to help out with the raptor rally but it is not a registered event and that everyone will be responsible for there own safety and camp site. The camping rules will be posted in the main office at Sand Dunes Frontier and it is up to each person to read the rules.
Thanks to every one that has helped make this rally happen.
Chris Tribe


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Right on Chris! Thanks for all the help! I should be availible to help out with some cooking or something. How big are the sites? we need one to fit a 32' 5wheel and a crew cab superduty. When do we have to pay for our spots? sorry for all the questions but we had a great time last year and look to have a better time this year with a little more ride time!! thanks again for all your hard work!!


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I'll get ahold of a nice slab of Salmon to grill up, and give a hand flippin cookin some grub up with ya if you need it. I'll try and bring some wood to throw in the pile as well if I've got room.

You think they got room for 64' RV/trailer combo at frontier ? Never stayed there ?

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RIGHT ON......last year was a blast and I can't wait for this one to come. Thanks Chris

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Put me down for this one. I'm going to try to bring a few of my buds up in my trailer. Would like to get some trips in this year with the fuel prices down.

Please put me down for one of the campsites. 40' 5th wheel so, I'll need a little space.

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I have been looking forward to this; I just need to get my motor back in my raptor. I had a valve stick and lost all power. I am planning on getting WK to put in an 8mil stoker and 105 or 108 CP cylinder while I am getting the head repaired. I am low on funds so not sure how much of what I want to get done will get done :) but the motor is out and ready for the work. This should be fun with a +4 swing Arm. Anyway it is great that everyone is helping out, I hope to have the camping price soon. I just need the owner to get me the information as he told me he would. It sounds like he is going to cut us a deal on the camping over the standard price but not sure how much that will be. I know some of you have camped there, I was told that we could have all the upper area and if needed some of the lower area as well. Dose anyone have photos of the camp sites? If not next time some one is down that way can you get some photos and post them. If there is anything I am missing please PM me and let me know.

Chris Tribe

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New update has been added to the first page about camping and price, also a map of the camping area. I think site 57 to 60 is like a big open area where you can put a bunch of trailers. I will know more when someone gets down there and takes a photo or 2. Anyway hope this helps out. Please pass this information on to other Raptor Forums.

Thank You
Chris Tribe

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We have all the sites indicated and people will need to RSVP to Me. I will add the people to the list of who is going untell we run out of space. I hope to get some photos and more information on the camp site Size and how many trailers will fit. But to your question first on the list gets first locations. I will need information like how many trailers, quads, cars each person will need space for. The more information I know the more Sand dunes F can help find space for all that want to go. So if you have been to this campground please pass on the information as to how big the area is in site 49 to 60 and how many larg trailers will fit. The owner of Sand Dunes was vage on this.

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Chris it will be me and the wife, 3 bikes, 1 fat dog and 1 barking rat. 32' 5 wheel and a CC superduty.

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I'm lik'n the sound of this Raptor Rally.
Our family and group of friends hit the Coos Bay KOA every year this time. It'll be my first time there with the Raptor. I (the only Raptor guy in the group) would love to join the fun with fellow Rappy enthusiats and could drive up for the day. What would really make it GREAT would be to partake in the evening festivities around the campfire. Any chance someone might have a spot I could park my truck with for one night?

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my friend josh says he wants in so put him down also, should be a CC dodge and a 29' bumperpull with 2 bikes and a rhino, 1 dog and maybe a kid
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