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Florida Riders

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i live in deltona florida, about 30 minutes from daytona. i ride with a small group every weekend. pm me if ya would love to join, we ride on about 3200 acers ( i think its smaller than that but we pretty much stay on same path, so it may be bigger, just found the spot. shit loads of other riders. its a blast
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Im down in west palm beach looking for fellow atv'ers... All my buddies that ride all have dirtbikes so im forced to suffer but its great to have riding buddies !!! looking for more
broward county here
awsome, ok come on i know there are more of you guys out there. lets all get together for a big ride
I live in Citrus County, Inverness to be exact. anyone in this area?
i also live in deltona fl. what part are you on? ill ride with ya.
pinellas county here. going to croom this weekend. anyone wanna go? 11-12-06
I used to live in deltona over by deltona high school well closer to the YMCA but now i live in Tampa(Riverview) the 12th looks like a good day for croom what time?
where in deltona is this riding place i'm up that way quite a bit. is it the area behind the winn-dixi over by pine ridge? well not by pine ridge but in that area. :3question:
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