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front end wont stay down...

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what swing arm should i go with ... i love to ride around dunes and dirt.. but i also love hill drags and its mostly what i do...
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4-6" extended swingarm would be my guess?
go +4, but if i were you i would go with a different front sproket first like a 15 tooth, or change the rear, i hate my +4 on trails, but love it in the dunes,
Im using a +4 and is perfect for the dunes with Skat trak 8 paddle haulers. I can wheely when I want, but its controllable. The stock swingarm was uncontrollable.

In the desert like Ocotillo Wells, I dont have a need for it. I ride Glamis more than Ocotillo so its setup more for dunning.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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