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okay, so I was having an issue last week, I didn't ride my bike for a couple months which isn't usually a problem as I've done that before. but when I went to try it out after putting some new shocks on the front, it was leaning out bad popping and could not get full power worth of anything.

I got a new battery because mine was dead and I used my portable jump starter to start it the last time I rode it 2 months ago, so figured maybe it was holding back the electrical aspects of everything figured wth I needed a battery anyway

next I removed a fuel filter that is a known problem on ltr450s and ran an inline filter instead.

I changed gas to a fresh tank of premium

changed the plug for the hell of it

cleaned out a bunch of electrical connectors pretty much everything but on the bars and lights

tested fuel pressure which is supposed to be at 42psi, I was getting 50psi so figured could be anything, injector, regulator or even pump (BUT it did rev fine once out of like 20 attempts at throttling it, so it was hard to assume it could be any type of clog) at this point it started fine but what you hear in the vid isn't me playing with the throttle, I'm giving it full revs and they weren't really revving even when it sounded like an idle and the needle was bouncing all over, I was trying to rev it it was bogging but the vid wouldn't catch it


figured mechanical clog could be possible so shot out the regulator, injector and took apart and cleaned them and the pump with carb cleaner and compressed air just to try it, seemed like something came out of the injector but it also seemed like it again today so maybe I'm blowing open some valve in it possibly I dunno

then I unplugged the ecm and plugged it back in with the battery still hooked up accidentally, not even sure if maybe I even left the key on, so I believe it was causing my fuel pump to keep flowing and the regulator put it to the injector and the injector was spraying it all into the motor so it flooded my cyl so I couldn't even turn over the bike, fuel was coming out of my intake at which point when I could almost get a half turn out of it, this was yesterday, everything prior was ongoing stuff I did over the week.

I removed the plug and cranked it today and sure enough fuel was blowing out of the head when I was cranking it

I pull the injector and turn the key and start switch to on and it just sprayed away


after this, I removed the battery and plugged the ecu while I was reassembling the bike which I think may have reset the ecu which was why I did it, then it seemed the pump didn't run continuously anymore, but it started to be a huge pita to start the bike, like now it doesn't flow fuel at all maybe or just not enough fuel... or timing is way off or something, it turns freely but just won't catch the fuel on fire or there's no fuel to burn...

I DID get it started twice, 1st time I rode it up the street and had plenty of power from 1st and 2nd (my street it short so couldn't get further) then parked it turned it off, did a little celebration that it did it's best for a week now, then figured it may still have the starting problem so I tried again and sure enough hard to start but I did get it going again, BOTH times it was soo long to start I used my portable jump starter, this is a BRAND new battery from last weekend.

so my newest problem may or may not be fuel related but I figure you guys would understand ecu's as well, the ltr forum the guys do understand the fuel system and did assume same as I did that it was electrical as when I unplugged the injector harness it would close and not shoot when I was having fuel flowing constantly, it also stopped when I would unplug the pump or ecu. not sure why I still forget to but the last time I unplugged the ecu was when I pulled the battery making sure not to jolt it and to reset it.

would resetting the ecu somehow cause the hard starts if it maybe messed with timing? I was throttling it and using my portable jumper to get it going both times I did get it started today. also the last time I made a rev vid and about a minute after I stopped recording it died and the FI light was flashing and the fuel light came on, there is still fuel in there I've run it til the fuel light came on before and it never died on me... I AM going to put fuel in anyway tho, and at least my lean condition is gone. now getting it started is my problem along with it staying running I suppose... gonna try again just taking a break.

I've had so much irritation with this that I'm at the end of the road with this bike, if/when I get it going I'm going to sell it and not the least bit interested in owning another FI bike for now. too many expensive parts that aren't even needed to run a bike. carbs have been around forever and all you do is jet the damm thing. stupid efi is pissing me off atm so I'm pretty over it... OBVIOUSLY it works well when it does work but it's too much work for me and I'd rather tune carbs than this crap at this point it's going to be cheaper and faster to do a full bottom and top end rebuild on my 2 stroke 250 than it will to fix the FI problems on my 450 it seems like... sad, its just sad

ANYway, please give me some insight I'm not too mad anymore just depressed and bummed, I was ready to throw a match at it while it was shooting fuel out of the injector this morning but I just lost heart already.

I suppose this is mostly an electrical problem at this point and really not anything for the raptor forum but you guys always gave me so much help with my 660 that I never left even after I sold that bike and that has been by far the bike I miss the most of all my toys :(
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