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I recently looked into kill-switches for the Raptor 660R, and found out that most of the kill switches that people are buying aren't really all that great for the Raptor. Most are hooked up somehow to the coil, and I believe when you pull the teather, you are making the coil ground out into the frame... I didn't like the sound of that, and found out that a NORMALLY CLOSED kill switch is what you want.

PART NUMBER 1013NC is what I got, made by GUNNAR PRODUCTS. Right on it, it says that its made for the 660R, along with other models. The instructions are simple, you figure out which two wires go to the red on/off switch, and tap into those. Basically when you pull the teather, its like flipping that switch to OFF because you are cutting that circuit.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this info with you guys to help out.
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