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Have any of you been to Glamis because ive been planning on going there and wanted to know how the riding is??
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the last time I was there (the weekend before last) it was pretty hot. there was no wind and was rutted up real bad from the rails. two week befor that was real nice just enough wind to cover up those ruts and keep it cool. had just as much fun both days. :thumbsup:

you'll never know till you go :thumbsup:
I went last weekend. Breezy about (5-15mph). 75-85 in the day 50-60 at night. It was nice man a good time just don't go T day it'll be crazy :crazy:
I'll be at Gordons well. the other end of the Imperial dunes, from late thursday to sunday.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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