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Going HAAM on vtwin

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Been down 5 weeks after putting a chainsaw into my knee cap....I finished up my new a-arms since stock was twisted and most bushings sloppy. But I still had time so now to brace and fix cracked frame mounts at top of frame. Going to throw a dual exhaust on while I am in there, finish my 12hole air box mod drop in cams and jet it. Nothing else to do if you can't ride then built and make better. 2hrs didthis with a bad knee and no help. Motor will require a friend. Not sure when I'll ride again as it may take a few more week for full movement.


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What in the hell is haam?

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Been wondering this myself. I guess im just not with the times on all these acronyms. While were on the subject, i also dont know what ROFL is....

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Looks like your on the last leg of the rebuild, cant wait to hear the first ride review!

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